Visual Effects

Our VFX department has been growing due to heavy demand, especially from high-end TV drama. In addition to traditional 2D compositing, we promote CG (3D) as an integral filmmaking tool from pre- to post-production. Concept art and previs are highly recommended to explore the director’s intention and help visualize it for all departments. We always strive towards better decisions and results early on. Is VFX the way to go or could an in-camera solution be more suitable?
Close co-operation between VFX and SFX, working together with the Director, DOP and Production Designer and the ability to manage both VFX and DI under the same roof add to both the artistic and the financial success of any project.
As a DI house, our VFX and color workflows are tightly integrated, and you will always have a colorist nearby to review and help finalize the look of any shot in an ideal viewing environment.
Our VFX supervisors Tuomo and Lasse can seamlessly harness the full capability of our in-house picture and sound professionals.

We offer a range of CG services and our specific strengths include:

Photoreal 3D - hard surfaces, set extensions and effects simulations (e.g. fire, smoke, snow).
Motion graphics, digital UI & screen design - from title sequences to packshots and the complete workflow of dealing with screens whether graphical elements requiring design, UI needing interactive elements or management of screen content during the shoot.

Please see below some VFX work from us: