Technical Services

Post Control's full-service concept can be tailored individually to each project, and we are able to take care of an extensive range of supportive functions during a film shoot and its post-production.

DIT services can be arranged near the set or via our data lab. Assembly editors can also be attached if required. We provide automated and eyeball QC, including PSE check, and have experience delivering content to most major global broadcasters and VOD platforms. Furthermore, 2K/4K/Atmos DCP mastering and preview can be completed in-house.

Complementary DIT Services

Our daughter company Bo&Bo manages all on-set DIT services, including First Light & Live Grade or live chroma keying for VFX preview, and further adds to our data management and quality control capacity. They are Finland's most experienced DIT professionals who also accommodate well in international sets, and their tailored dailies app has become a de facto standard for local clients. You can view the quick guide and access the portal at

Post Control Studio Infrastructure

As the formats become larger and material volumes higher, there is constant pressure to stay in the forefront also in terms of our studio's technical infrastucture. Therefore, we have a long-lasting maintenance partnership with TV Tools that recently upgraded our system to a brand new 40Gb network with access to 1.4 PB of shared storage. You can read more about this on the website.