Creating high profile audio for storytelling. With four in-house Sound Designers and a team of collaborating editors, we help our clients manage challenging schedules and work flexibly on simultaneous projects. Be it a series, film or a commercial, we can provide a fully featured sound package, and together with the other departments at Post Control, fulfill any producer’s wish for a reliable one-stop partnership.

Our services include sound design, dialogue editing, SFX and background editing, re-recording mixing for series and commercials as well as ADR and VO recordings.

Remote workflow is organized with the Source Elements software. This is a great alternative for directors to join ADR sessions, work with a sound designer or even approve masters in 5.1.

One of our greatest strengths is the closely knit relationship with the editorial, VFX and grading departments. We believe that in order to make outstanding stories, all elements must work together towards a common vision. We are set up to do just that.