Color Grading

Color has always been one of the key definitions of a film's quality, display of the creator's skill and a subtle tool to convey emotion. Challenge to capture and deliver the original creative intent and the best possible quality continues to be as relevant as ever. Accelerated by the ever expanding range of cameras and recording devices (including film!). In addition, multiple delivery formats have emerged to satisfy consumer appetites at home, in the theaters and on all OOH platforms.

Post Control Color Workflow

Mastering the color workflow has never been more exciting or demanding. In our DI workflow, color is managed by international caliber Colorists able to offer deep technical expertise in capturing and delivering the look as intended. Our cinema grading suites are equipped with Christie 4K/2K projectors and Lustre, Baselight and Resolve systems. The main theater has a 6m (20ft) screen and for HDR10 grading we have a Sony X300 display. 

Not the most optimal workaround, but as there may be restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, busy schedules of HODs or cross-border productions we also have a remote live grading system in place.