Producer, partner

Tomi Nieminen

Berlin -97: Tomi is soul searching his bohemian identity but discovers CG and returns to Tampere. Fast forward 10 years, via 35mm film recording, telecine and Inferno, to 2007: by answering the soldier's call he becomes a post producer. After much love and years in Finland, he ventures to explore filmmaking in Graal Athens, Trixter Munich and MPC & Technicolor London. Producing state of the art VFX and DI for Hollywood's A-list was cool in the most classic sense and involved luck, some very senior individuals and mostly working his ass off. Nowadays while back in Helsinki, he thinks he finally has the time to learn audio post as well.

Paddington 2 (di producer - Technicolor) Dir. Paul King, Studio Canal / Warner Bros.
The Snowman (di producer - Technicolor) Dir. Tomas Alfredson, Universal Pictures 
Alien Covenant (vfx producer- MPC) Dir. Ridley Scott, Twentieth Century Fox
Passengers (vfx producer- MPC) Dir. Morten Tyldum, Sony
Captain America - Winter Soldier (vfx producer - Trixter), Dir. A & J Russo, Marvel / Disney
Cloud Atlas (vfx producer - Trixter) Dir. Tom Tykwer / Lana & Lilly Wachowski, Warner Bros.

Works of Tomi