COO, Head of International

Johanna "Nunnu" Karppinen

Nunnu – made in Lapland just like Santa Claus.

After studying critical security politics in the UK, Nunnu focused her ancestral conjuring abilities to the most relevant crisis of the time: how to help finnish S&M size businesses break successfully into international markets, starting in Milan. Not the easiest task as we Finns were generally not familiar with marketing or seldomly spoke at all (least Italian).

It was the Art of Film and the unique northern imagery that called Nunnu back to her roots, to both jump-start and serve as Lapland’s first ever Film Commissioner. Consecutive projects followed and the international connections widened. Through the relentless work of a handful of people like Nunnu, we can finally say the Finnish film industry has started to mature and is genuinely interesting, far more professional and certainly mightier than ever.

Before joining Post Control, Nunnu worked in film financing together with private investors. This operation now continues under our roof. She is also in charge of our marketing efforts and community relations – we have taken a giant leap as she opened our company's Instagram account.

Works of Johanna "Nunnu"